May 14-21, 2001
Volume 20, Number 11
A publication of Columbia University's
Graduate School of Journalism

PHOTO: Botumroath Lebun
Juan Acevedo, 3, has fun under the water fountain at a park in Pelham Parkway.

Island controversy resonates at home
By Angelica Medaglia

When Maria Fernandez looks at Vieques, she sees all that is wrong with Puerto Rico and the United States. "Vieques exposes the true condition of Puerto Rico, which is that of a colony," said Fernandez, a Nuyorican poet also known as "Mariposa."


 Also: Navy claims facts on exercises distorted


 While livery slayings continue, one killer sent away for 20-to-life

 Prosecutors plan cases vs. alleged pimp

 Shelter warns: Feeding strays a bad idea

 Love of books, love of readers all store needs

 Steaking out a gift for Mother's Day

 Borough garden blooms with a world of crops

 Ban fails to slow sales of the 50-cent cigarette

  The killing fields still haunt local Cambodians

  Old Highbridge remembered in new book

  New colonel takes command

 Precinct to host safety fair

 Bronx Week 2001 events

Borough last to get new truancy centers

 Repairs uproot summer school

 Finding day care may get even harder

 ACORN, ed board work on plan to improve schools

  Gang life on stage to end violence

  Students dissect teen-ager myths

 Discussing sexual abuse with kids

 Parents want officials ousted

 Policy trumps race, Latino politicians say

 Segarra on Stancik: He's doing the job

 Embattled livery drivers demand safety help

 Slain girl lives in family's memory

 A rough May in the 47th Precinct

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