Student Work

New Media Projects Master's Projects


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Tibetan Exiles in New York
By Alexandra Alter, Pema Norbu
Advisor: Sreenivasan


En Vivo: A New York Story -- A web-based documentary that examines Latin music in New York City
By Michael Cervieri, Marta Ferrer
Advisor: Pavlik

Karate Chopping Fear in New York City
By Fang Cui, Leela Landress
Advisor: Pavlik


Beneath the Hudson: Exploring the River's Hidden Depths
By Dore Carroll, David Gruber
Advisor: Pavlik/Sreenivasan

Exiled in New York: 25 Years Since the Beginning of the Argentinean "Dirty War"
By Pablo Calvi, Ana Claudia Paixao
Advisor: Pavlik/Sreenivasan

The Rise of Jazz from Lincoln Center to Congo Square
By Carly Rosenberg, Bill Taylor
Advisor: Sreenivasan

Secret Evidence: Due Process Betrayed
By Sadia Razaq
Advisor: Sreenivasan

The Struggle for the Lower East Side
By Rachel Elbaum, Dan Jung
Advisor: Sreenivasan

The WWW as an Artistic Medium
By Moges Abebe, Heather Ratcliff
Advisor: Pavlik


Army Recruiting at the Millennium: Mission Impossible?
By Paul Beban, Martin Skovmand
Advisors: Sreenivasan/Lih

El Dorado in Cyberspace: How the Internet is Changing Latin America
By Angela Pimienta
Advisor: Tucher

In the Public Interest: How the Rules of Broadcasting are Being Updated for Digital Television
By Lisa Camerlengo, Joel Rosenberg
Advisors: Sreenivasan/Lih

The New Face of Harlem
By Rob Frehse, Katherine Lange
Advisors: Sreenivasan/Lih


Body Icon: The Conning of American Women into the Pursuit of a Perfect Body
By Kim Dixon, Tiffany Kary, Dan Maccarone
Advisors: Sreenivasan/Lih

Train in Vain
By Geoff McGhee
Advisors: Sreenivasan/Lih


The Sandy Hook Pilots: One Station
By Thomas Karlo
Advisors: Lih, Klatell