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Radio Documentary

This course teaches the art and techniques of documentary journalism. Student reporters explore documentary storytelling through the use of strong writing, compelling characters, sound, scene and narrative. At its best, radio combines the power and immediacy of great documentary films with the intimacy and poetry of a New Yorker-style magazine piece.

Spring 2009

Radio Doc Class

Spring 2006

Radio Doc Class

Spring 2005

Radio Doc Class

Summer 2003

The Story
August 18, 2003

Spring 2003

The Story
May 14, 2003

The Story
May 7, 2003

The Story:
March 12, 2003

Spring 2002

Earwax: Female WWII pilots, the Burma Road, independent music, gentic testing and more.
May 15, 2002

Earwax: Rookie cops, taxi stories, Mah Jong clubs, troubled teens and more.
May 8, 2002

Eclectic City: Dirty Spanish radio, girls got game, comedian wannabes and more
March 27, 2002

Spring 2001

Schoolmoms, jazz for teens, flight school and more
May 9, 2001

Senegalese immigrants, American-Italian weddings, angels and more
May 2, 2001

Dog spas, primitive Baptists, backyard wrestling and more
March 7, 2001

Spring 2000

Violin makers, blind dating, laser eye surgery and more
Part One May 10, 2000

Stone workers, typewriters, endurance riders and more
Part Two May 10, 2000

Spring 1999

Social registry, the Gowanus Canal, disabled skiers and more
Broadcast One

Belly dancing, urban gardening, wreck diving and more
Broadcast Two