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Uptown Radio staff 2008

Lauren Feeney is a documentary filmmaker based in Philadelphia. Her first film, Garlic and Watermelons, about a Gypsy settlement in Athens that was demolished for the 2004 Olympics, screened in over 30 international film festivals, garnering several awards for human rights. Her most recent film, The Alphabet Book, takes place on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan and tells the story of a secular tribe’s struggle for cultural survival. The film will premiere on Al Jazeera English this spring. Lauren is currently pursuing a masters degree in broadcast journalism at Columbia University.


Pakistan Goes to the Polls
Kosovo: Birth Pangs of a New Nation
Host 2-Way: Kodi Barth on Kenya
Whitney Biennial pokes fun at NPR
Reunification talks in Cyprus
Commentary: Loosing My Religion
Host 2-Way: Pennsylvania Primaries
Day Story: Sean Bell Verdict
Documentary: Camdens Little Mexico


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